Wednesday , November 20 2019

What are Forex Time Frames?

It refers to change in the price in the foreign exchange market in a particular duration. As you know that the forex market open 24hours a day from Monday to Friday and you can take your position in it all the time. So, forex trading is available 24hours for five days. If you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you must identify forex time frames for yourself. For example, if you have selected the D1 time frame then you will see different types of bars or candlestick in the forex chart. Each bar or candlestick will be a one day.

Multiple Forex Time Frames:

Multiple forex time frames are available in the forex software. You may select a time frame for yourself which makes success in your strategy. You must define your trading strategy either you are a scalper, short time trader, or long-time trader.

  • M1: one minute
  • M5: five minutes
  • M15: fifteen minutes
  • M30: thirty minutes
  • H1: one hour
  • H4: four hours
  • D1: one day
  • W1: one week
  • M1: one month

What are Forex Time Frames

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